I was in junior high and wanted a pair of heels along with a pair of nylons and garter belt. You are probably too young to know about nylons and garter belts, but they were all the rage in the late ‘50’s when I was in junior high. I bugged my mother to let me buy a pair of heels. Being a mom with EXTREME CONCERN for my feet, she was not excited about fulfilling my request. Eventually, we went to the department store—Woodward and Lothrop’s in Washington, D.C.—and I tried on several pairs of shoes. I wanted the red pair—one-inch heels with a bow. They were not my size exactly, but I wanted them so I lied and said that they were perfect. I think I wore them twice because they gave me blisters.

-Lorelei Eickelberg, Seattle, WA

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